I could not wait to share this jumper with you all. I started it in August, and worked on it very slowly and very mindfully throughout autumn and most of the winter. It came with me on at least six flights, four of which long hauls, and has been the knitted project I invested most... Continue Reading →



I have lost count of how many times I have written this post. It suffices to say the photos were taken last spring! I started knitting this jumper shortly before last Christmas (I mean 2017...) and finished it sometimes in early spring, after much unraveling and re-knitting. For some reason the proportions were just wrong... Continue Reading →


Better late than never! Almost out of season, but ere’s a quick review of my Swimwear Making Workshop at the Threadworks studio, in Clerkenwell (London). The space itself is a lovely space with huge windows and fantastic high ceilings. I immediately fell in love with the little library nestled ni a huge shelf packed with... Continue Reading →


One of the very interesting phenomenon of the sewing world is the amount of independent businesses that it harbours. From online fabric retailers, whose catalogues mirrors the taste and personality of the shop owner (Like Sew Amazing and Sew Me Sunshine are the first that come to mind), the incredibly creative Pink Coat Club with… Continue Reading →

Shirtmaking adventures – episode one

I can't really remember a time when I wasn't inconsistent . Ironically, it's been the one consistent trait in my personality. It's really no surprise that blogging has also fallen victim to my chronic inconsistency. In an attempt to write a bit more regularly, I have made the commitment to blog about all the projects... Continue Reading →

When the secret is in the details…

Overall, I am a big fan of 50’s fashion. I love the style, the subtle elegance, the flattering shapes. However... I find it really hard to integrate with my own sense of style. There is something in the crispy bell skirts and the dainty cardigans that simply doesn't work with my personality. It looks stellar,... Continue Reading →

Simple Sew- Kaftan Dress & Tunic

In italian there is a splendid word, il prendisole, which can be translated -albeit inaccurately- into "the sunshine-catcher". More accurately it would be “beach cover up”, but you I’m sure you will agree with me some magic is lost in the translation! Please welcome in my Prendisole!   The mood of this dress is happy-go-lucky,... Continue Reading →

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