Shirtmaking adventures – episode one

I can't really remember a time when I wasn't inconsistent . Ironically, it's been the one consistent trait in my personality. It's really no surprise that blogging has also fallen victim to my chronic inconsistency. In an attempt to write a bit more regularly, I have made the commitment to blog about all the projects... Continue Reading →


When the secret is in the details…

Overall, I am a big fan of 50’s fashion. I love the style, the subtle elegance, the flattering shapes. However... I find it really hard to integrate with my own sense of style. There is something in the crispy bell skirts and the dainty cardigans that simply doesn't work with my personality. It looks stellar,... Continue Reading →

Simple Sew- Kaftan Dress & Tunic

In italian there is a splendid word, il prendisole, which can be translated -albeit inaccurately- into "the sunshine-catcher". More accurately it would be “beach cover up”, but you I’m sure you will agree with me some magic is lost in the translation! Please welcome in my Prendisole!   The mood of this dress is happy-go-lucky,... Continue Reading →

The Serendipity dress

Hello everyone, Fancy meeting you here, while I’m chilling with my new make! Well, since you are all here I might as well tell you about my Serendipity Dress, ever so kindly sponsored by the Simple Sew Blogging Network. A few weeks ago at a sewing party hosted by the Sew Over It crowd (great... Continue Reading →

The Harlequin Dress

Oh it’s been long - so long. I am not sure in which orders my next posts are going out at this point, but this is the first I write and it’s been so very long. Thing is, it’s not that I don’t sew. I do, really. I just absolutely hate taking the pictures. I... Continue Reading →

True Colours

  Since I was a teenager the mediterranean shade of my skin has troubled me in winter. Summer is for me a season of physical rebirth, sunshine makes my skin blush with radiance where fairer skin grow red and troubled, my hair shines darker and my nails grow smoother. I am a summer being and... Continue Reading →

A Saturday ramble on Creativity

I wasn't planning on writing today, but then I read Stephanie's post on her My Vintage Inspiration blog on Individualization. I didn't know then how much her words would drill into me, stirring thoughts neatly packed away in my head. I am most grateful of her being so generous with her thoughts, spreading and sharing bravely... Continue Reading →

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