Blouse: good first take!

Oh hello hello!

It’s been a while since I finished this but first I got sick, then I got inspired… then I decided it deserved some proper attention and that I wanted to take my time with the post, to make sure I had worn it a couple of times to give it a good review.

This being my first blouse ever, I resolved to use a pattern rather than embark in a drafting adventure. I was also craving a finished garment, rather than sheer experimentation and the choice went on something I knew was easy, looked good and I had enough fabric for.

Please enter the Pussy Bow Blouse!

This pattern has a gazillion of reviews from London to Melbourne, and most people were happy with it so I felt quite confident tackling the project.

The fabric is from a lucky find at the textile centre in Walthamstow. I am pretty sure it was less than £1 per metre and, apart from the vintagey print, it’s also deliciously soft.

The construction is fairly straightfoward, but managed to add a series of “firsts” to my collection: first french seamed armholes, first roulou loops, first covered buttons.

As I said, I wanted to wear it for a couple of days before writing my review to make sure it passed the comfy test. I have worn it on one of my longest days of the week and when home late at night I was still happy to wear it. The v neck is perfectly placed to allow me to have a thermic layer under it (making it a good garment for fall/spring UK weather) and hoever blousy it tucks itself very nicely in a high waist skirt.

The only fault I can find is in the back piece. I knew it might give me trouble, but considering this was supposed to be a toile, I chanced it. The thing is, readers, that I have a full back meaning that my underarm line is longer than in most patterns. The blouse fits and is comfy enough, but I can feel it pulling when I take my elbows close to the front and in making it again I would make sure to make a broad back adjustment before cutting the fabric.

Incidentally I wore this fabric for the first time at th Handmade Fair, when I stumbled into the Sew Over It stand and the designer herself, and couldn’t resist!

I asked Lisa what she made of the pulling at my back and the first thing she did was looking at my shoulders. She explained that the shoulder seam of this pattern should ideally sit a bit lower than it usually does, so she advised cutting a size up.

In all honesty the advice makes sense, and will probably avoid any tampering with the pattern but, apart from my love of tampering, I am a bit self conscious of my narrow shoulders and not a fan of slouchy seams in that area. I will probably give her advice a go too, at some point , but I am too stubborn to let go of my broad back adjustment idea.

What do you think, readers, should I go a size up?

4 thoughts on “Blouse: good first take!

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  1. It looks really nice, especially wearing it alongside Lisa. I wouldn’t cut the blouse one size bigger, but maybe you can blend the two sizes so it is wider above the waist (back piece only)?.


  2. How funny I made up (my first) pussy bow blouse this weekend too! Like you I have a broad back. I must admit I cheated a bit and just added a strip a couple of centimetres wide to the back and collar pattern pieces (I.e. 4cm in total). This sounds like an enormous adjustment but it fits perfectly now. I thought I might get some gapping at the back neck but actually it’s fine.


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