There – it’s out. Phew!

Keeping this piece of news in the past few weeks has felt very much like trying not to laugh out loud in public.

You can read my first post, about my beloved Fifi Pyjamas, here.

So many of my sewing crushes blog for Minerva that when I got accepted in the blogging team I couldn’t contain myself and did a little happy dance in the middle of my office. Luckily my colleagues know me pretty well by now and no one even raised an eyebrow. More enthusiasm was shown the day my fabric arrive because peeps, it’s a stunner. Such a delicate brushed cotton in the most delicious colour palette.  No point in me rambling on and on about it here, just go check it out over there.

Also, please if you have any advice on matching plaid on the bias, give me a shout.  Luckily sewing godmother @clairesews has already sent me a few useful tutorials so I will be studying… but the more definitely the merrier here as I can really do with some help here!

Aside from pattern matching the thing I really struggled with here is knowing pictures of me in my pyjamas would be broadcasted to the thousands of followers of the Minerva Crafts blog. I’m not shy nor prude, but there is something about that that makes me blush – still!

Here’s a picture of me having second thoughts about the whole thing. In my pyjamas.


Coherence – I don’t need you!

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  1. Hey, I read this very early in the morning on my phone and meant to remember to view properly then didn’t till I read Karen’s eco post. Well congratulations (but in any case, how could they resist you). I’ll now go to Minerva (doing my best to restrain myself from buying that same lovely fabric for myself!)

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