Slowly, ever so slowly, it feels I’m starting to get the hang of the beautiful community service that is the Minerva Makers team!  After my last post, and after making friends with the fantastic platform that is this new website, I have been thinking of ways to improve upon the structure of my project posts... Continue Reading →


At one point of any maker's life it will come a time when you see yourself creating something you would have never thought belonged to you. Something so unusually other, so spectacularly out of your own sense of style and design that every step of the way you will be asking yourself "why". Yet, at... Continue Reading →


I’VE MADE IT TO THE MINERVA MAKERS TEAM! There – it’s out. Phew! Keeping this piece of news in the past few weeks has felt very much like trying not to laugh out loud in public. You can read my first post, about my beloved Fifi Pyjamas, here. So many of my sewing crushes blog... Continue Reading →

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